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Dreaming of the Garden

While we still haven’t seen any real snow, it is bitter cold here in Maryland.  Too cold for little old me to venture out into the garden, so I think I will pull out the newly arrived garden catalogs and start dreaming (er, I mean planning) for spring.

A couple of years ago, I was […]


Our newest additions to the family are settling in nicely – all 20,000  of them (about 10,000 per hive).  My mom and step dad have been bee-keeping for years and have several hives on their property as well as  a couple more at Sky Meadows State park in Virginia.  It was only a matter of […]

Finally, Spring

What is it about Spring and sunshine that just puts a smile on my face?

Welcome, April.  I’m so glad you’re finally here!


A Bit of Bartering

One of my favorite haunts at the MaryJane’s Farm Sisterhood chatroom is the Farmgirl Barter section.  Let me tell you folks – this is just the most awesome thing.  Earlier this month I got my feet wet by offering up some back issues of Sew Beautiful magazine that I no longer need but was sure […]


Victoria Magazine, Casting a Decorative Spell, October 1998

This weekend I have been able to sneak out into the garden for a bit.  Everywhere I looked there were plants that needed attention – I’m afraid I was a rather lazy gardener last fall and didn’t put things to bed properly.   So yesterday […]

It’s me, Molson again……

It sure is hard work being Sue’s number 1 assistant. She is pretty busy with something she calls “work” right now, so I thought I would stop in with everyone and share a few of the things she is looking forward to this spring. She talks about this stuff a lot, and […]

Antique Roses

The end of the school year is always crazy busy with last minute assessments, parent meetings and wrapping up paperwork.  I try and spend a few moments in the garden before leaving for work each day, enjoying the gift of this year’s antique roses. These highly scented beauties bloom only once per year, but they […]

Bouquets of Peonies

There is just something about peonies.  Lush, blowzy, romantic, extravagant.  I am always excited when the peonies in my garden begin to bloom.  A couple of years ago I had an opportunity put in a garden that is half herbs, roses and perennials, and half raised beds for veggies, raspberries, annuals etc.  I decided to […]

A Basket Full of Lovely

I just love the month of May.  Spring is in full bloom here in Maryland, and all of my lovely lady friends come calling for their annual visit.  Fatin Latour,  Chloris, Gypsy Boy, Mme Hardy, Francois Juranville, Debutante, Gardenia, Green Mantle, Moiseii and Aviateur Blerot stop by in all their finery for a few weeks.  […]

Thinking Spring

It came unexpectedly – a large package from my brother in the Midwest.  And inside……

A vintage scrapbook, lovingly put together by a garden enthusiast.  Dating from the 1940’s through the 70’s, it includes clippings of ideas, articles on gardens clubs, photos of gardens she would like to have…

A glimpse […]