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The List

Summer has  arrived.  I’m done with teaching until fall, and the weeks are spread before me like an enticing banquet.  What to do with all this free time?  I have decided to tackle “The List”.  You know – the List, that one you hold in the back of your mind, storing all those tasks and […]

Happy Haunting!

“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage!”

Aunt Frances Owens, from the movie Practical Magic

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and spooky Halloween!

Blessed Be!

(and for the record […]

Holiday Sparkle

Inspired by Karla and Beth’s Romantic White Christmas, I decided to add a bit of sparkle to my holiday decorating.  A table top tree from Home Goods proved the perfect starting point, but what to put on it?  And then, an “aha” moment.  I snatched the old jewelry box that housed my vintage rhinestone stash, […]

Snow Queen

It’s a cold an blustery day here.  My cozy house is singing from the wind (some sort of interesting effect to the placement of the house, the siding or something – reminds me of whale song!)  The snow queen and I are snug in the sitting room finishing up some final projects before returning […]

Transformation Of A Room

What do you feel when you see an empty room?  Anticipation?  Untapped potential? Possibilities?  When we built our house, this room was slated to be hubby’s office.  Imagine it loaded with all kinds of computer gizmos, bookshelves full of manuals and other important guy stuff.  During the past year we finally moved him upstairs to […]

There are Witches in the Air…..

This time of year brings out the magic in all of us.  I am so glad you could drop in.  You can leave your broom by the door. Everyone is dressed for some Halloween fun , even Mary Elvira.

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  Check out some of our magical decorations.