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A Fresh Start

2015-07-23 09.18.38Sometimes life is like a drive through the mountains. Breathtaking vistas, roads dipping down into low valleys, hairpin turns which leave your stomach feeling queasy.  This past year has been just like that.  Now though, I have reached one of those scenic viewing places where I can take one final look back on that journey, and then focus on the view of what is ahead.

There were a few creative rest stops along the way during my past year’s journey. Moments when the studio called to my heart and provided a bit of respite.

I experimented in fading flannel and cotton shirts that I had picked up at the thrift store. I love the yummy colors.!And they are SO soft!!2015-03-07 16.31.41

Pendants for the 5th grade members of the Sisters of Science club at school2015-05-28 20.22.06.jpg crop

In June I was honored to meet country music legend Carrie Underwood.  I made some earrings for her, and it was pretty cool watching her open the box and show them around to everyone!carrie & sue crop 1


2015-06-28 11.17.52.jpg crop

My Jewelry Club at work started up again in October.  The girls are now in 5th grade and are becoming really accomplished jewelry artists.  Their October project was this Bead and Button Bracelet – perfect for the Autumn holidays!October charm bracelet 2015

I also made myself this Halloween Charm Necklace (I was inspired by the one here, made by my Spellbound roomie, Robin Sanchez.)halloween charm necklace.15

I hope you will join me as I explore new environs, track down vintage treasures, and feeding my creative soul.

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