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Becoming Spellbound

2013-10-10 21.33.35I just adore this time of year.  The time for Spellbound – a most amazing art retreat put on by A Gilded Life. For five glorious days I made jewelry, sewed, and spent time with the most creative of souls.  Part of the fun is in the preparation – making special things to wear and to share. Here is a glimpse ……..

I made 2 dresses to wear during Spellbound.  This first dress was for the Pre-event  Soiree held at the new A Gilded Life Studio in Santa Ana, CA.  This dress is part 1050’s lace bodice combined with a couple of Victorian cotton lace-embellished petticoats, all dyed a love shade of light aqua by lil’ old me!

dress #2

The second dress is a wonderful linen, with princess seams, trimmed in aqua and brown hand-dyed lace from A Gilded Life.  I wore this dress to the Welcome Dinner. Peeking at the bottom you can just see the linen slip dress trimmed in antique lace a made to wear underneath.

dress #1

It is the custom to present table mates at the welcome dinner with token gifts.  This year I created small felted flowers embellished with a vintage button.  These would make lovely pins or pendants.


Finally, I hosted a swap this year during the event – the Textile Treasures Zip Bag swap. Each participant made lovely zip bags for everyone in the swap, and then filled them with treasures like vintage lace bits, vintage buttons, old photos or postcards, chocolates, etc.  I also each made each participant a hobo bag, using vintage fabrics from my personal stash.


All the preparations paid off, and needless to say – Spellbound 2013 was an enchanting and remarkable experience.  More pictures from the event in my next post!


3 comments to Becoming Spellbound

  • Love, love, love those dresses! All your swap items are amazing, too. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Carol

    Hi Sue,
    Just want to say how nice it was to meet you and Thank You again for the lovely Hobo Bag! I hope you are able to make something lovely with the vintage patterns. I’ll follow your blog and hopefully see you next year at Spellbound.

  • Kristina

    Your dresses are gorgeous. Sounds like a fabulous time. Eager for more photos.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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