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Summer in the Studio

One of the perks of being a teacher is “having the summer off”  (note – this is actually an urban legend, as any teacher worth their salt spends many hours planning and prepping all summer long, myself included!).  That being said, I am enjoying the additional hours that I can spend in my studio/sewing room.  Here are a few of the things I have been working on……

This cuff bracelet is the second piece inspired by my daughter.  It was started while attending her college orientation, and then finished once we got home.  I have been trying to replicate a ribbon rose from a 1920’s ribbon work piece in my collection, and think that I came pretty close here.

I have fallen in love with little lined zip bags.  These were made using a fabric given to me by my dear friend and mentor,  Pamela Woods, who when in her 60’s, sold or gave away pretty much all of her possessions and went to live and create art on the island of Crete.  When I grow up, I want to have that sort of courage and self confidence!  These zip bags are lined in some of my vintage feed sack fabric.  I just love the way they look with  vintage millinery violets.

I am also playing around with these hobo bags.  They go together pretty easily, and give me yet another chance to use some of my hoard  treasured stash of vintage and antique fabrics.  This bag features vintage bark cloth on the outside, and is lined with some wonderful faded old drapery silk.

It’s lovely to have time to work with these beautiful old fabrics and treasures.  Too soon it will be time to head back into the classroom, but for now I am content to indulge myself and enjoy every precious moment.


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  • Laura Strack

    So glad I found your Blog. I’m a lucky girl!! I love your little bags and the hobo bag, as well. Just beautiful!!

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