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A New Beginning

When people ask what I do, my immediate response is “I teach”.  That’s how I’ve always seen myself.  That’s what I have always wanted to do as a career. Being able to serve others in this way is so rewarding – I simply love my job as a special education teacher and find it very fulfilling.

photo courtesy of A Gilded Life – featuring some of their lovely past projects

Art on the other hand, is something that I have mostly always done for myself.  It feeds my soul.  Whether it is sewing, making jewelry, or playing with old photos and papers, I have always gotten a profound joy out of the process of creating something using beautiful bits of the past.  I have never really thought of myself as an “artist”, just someone who likes to make pretty and interesting things.

And so, with a big gulp, I announce that I have been selected by the amazing and talented mother and daughter duo, Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso of A Gilded Life, to be part of their first ever Design Team!

I met Debbie and Shea last November when I attended their glorious Spellbound Art Retreat.  Their creative vision of elegance and their use of the most exquisite materials is truly inspiring. On their blog What Happens Next, they showcase some of their breathtakingly beautiful creations.    I am thrilled, and honestly quite humbled, to have the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

Let the creative journey begin!

2 comments to A New Beginning

  • Hi Sue, congrats to you! I know exactly how you feel;0)
    I am still on cloud 9 over the news. I am looking forward to this exciting adventure ahead of us!
    enJOY a lovely evening,

  • Hi, Sue! You probably don’t remember me, but we met at Silver Bella 2010. Just wanted to say congrats to you on being selected for the Gilded Life Design Team. So exciting, and well deserved!

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