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Magical May

This past weekend,  I had the opportunity to take my lovely girl-child and one of her friends to the Spoutwood Faerie Festival, in Glen Rock, PA.  Have you been?  We had the perfect day – sunny and warm.  I really enjoy this festival – it’s just overflowing with creative free spirits, out to enjoy a day of make-believe.  As you walk through the vendors, you will hear the jingles of bells and belly dance scarves.  Drums, from the drum circle or one of the talented music acts play just over the hill. Children giggle with excitement to meet Twig, an actual faerie.  Hair is braided, faces are painted.  Dogs, properly attired in their own sets of wings, walk with their owners, eagerly sniffing the many magical scents of the day.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is totally comfortable and accepting.  All are welcome with a rousing “Kubiando”.  Attire for the event is casual – ranging from jeans to tie die, belly dancing attire to full body paint, steam punk to goth, and everything in between.  Oh and kilts – quite a few guys in kilts.  Grannies decked out in wings lead their grandchildren down paths lined with faerie dwellings.  A tent of rescue gray hounds lounge like royalty on tapestry pillows.  And everywhere you look, smiling people enjoying the day and each other.  Happy May Day to one and all!

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