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When the going gets tough, the tough make jewelry!

This piece incorporates an antique portrait tin type, framed by a lovely Victorian pin. The grape motif on the pin works perfectly with the grape leaf metal finding that I used as a base.

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks at work.  Luckily I am blessed  to have  wonderful family, as well as supportive and encouraging friends.  How does one refocus and find a way out of the darkness – why by heading to the studio of course!

I picked up some wonderful jewelry findings during a trip to California a while back.  My sweet friend Robin and I met up at the fantastic Urban Barn for one of their monthly flea markets.  When I reached the booth for Broke Jewels (can’t find a good link for them, sadly) – man oh man, I couldn’t get enough.  I have been waiting for inspiration to use these wonderful pieces, and this seemed like the perfect time. What better way to cure the doldrums than to work with my most treasured bits of stash, to create something that will make me feel special.

2 more pieces, waiting for the right chain!

Rejuvenated and renewed, I am ready to face whatever comes up next.


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