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On the Studio Table Today

So let’s just come right out and say that Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration.  No matter what your interests, you are sure to find all sorts of ideas and images to get the creative juices flowing.  I had found a picture of altered spoons a while back, which led me to a tutorial by Vicki Chrisman.  I knew this was something I just had to try someday.  Soon after, I was approached by the organizers of our staff wellness day, and asked if I would consider teaching a class. For the record – I teach kids – special education to be precise, and have a major phobia of presenting/teaching in front of adults.  Wellness day is basically a fun afternoon for the school staff – there’s yoga, a reading room, a what the heck is Pinterest session, knitting, etc.  As long as I picked something that wasn’t too complicated, I figured I would be OK.  So I went back to Vicki’s Altered Spoon Tutorial and decided that this is something I could show other folks how to do.  I made my class sample today and think it turned out sort of cute! 

Wellness day is tomorrow afternoon, so I am busy pulling supplies and materials together.  Hopefully everyone will have a stress-free and fun time!

Photo and wings from Pinterest (where else!), book text from an old book on Queen Victoria, vintage lace and button from my personal stash, crystals left over from girl child’s skating days, moss and ribbon from Michaels, old silver plate serving spoon from recent auction.

I give Vicki full credit for this awesome idea.


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