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Altered Spoons with Friends

On Monday I had the fantastic experience of introducing some of my friends at work to the wonderful world of mixed media collage.

Even my principal got into the spirit! I keep thinking Dr. Who when I see this!

Using this altered spoon tutorial as a starting point, my enthusiastic group of “students” spent about 45 minutes creating their own version, dipping their toes a bit into my world. LuAnne's spoon.  Love the little framed image!Everyone seemed to have a good time – I had brought a huge bag of supplies and goodies from my studio for them to use.

Ramona’s spoon. One of her favorite pictures of her grandmother. Precious!

Next time I take some days off for an art retreat (Spellbound 2 in November!!!), these folks will have a bit more understanding of what I might be doing, and how enriching an experience it is!

Debbie’s spoon (on left), and Brenda’s (on right). The enthusiasm of these gals just made my day!

Of course, an art day wouldn’t be complete without a visit from my friend Cindy.  Her spoon is just enchanting, don’t you think?  Thanks so much to everyone for participating in this, and once again, thanks especially to Vicki for your inspiring tutorial!

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