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It’s in the Details…..

Breathtaking Details


Work of Art

“In the Reference List is given a list of addresses of dressmakers who we know are satisfactory both as to fit and finish.  All the addresses given are places that we know personally or through friends.  All are reliable and make things that are good for their price. ”

pg. 146 – “Francis (tailor-made dresses), 9 rue Auber”

From the book Sojourning, Shopping and Studying in Paris:  A Handbook Particularly For Women by Elizabeth Otis Williams – published in 1907

This magnificent piece was gifted to me a while back from my dear friend, Robin.  I had such an interesting time researching the label, and was so excited to find it mentioned in the fabulous turn of the century travel guide. The travel guide has actually been reprinted, or you can read it on line thanks to some enterprising soul who scanned in the text in its entirety.

Just handling this remarkable piece of history is such a privilege. One of the things that draws me to vintage clothing is the history – this piece was obviously treasured, to have survived more than a century.  Packed away with other mementos of special occasions, long past.  A textile treasure.  Inspiring me to create…….


2 comments to It’s in the Details…..

  • Wow. It really should be in a museum. The preservation on it is incredible! I know you’ll take good care of it. (PS. Great find, Robin!)

  • This is such an amazing piece… aren’t you lucky to be the recipient of this! Robin is the best, isn’t she?! I was just watching background video from Downton Abbey including interviews with the costume designer. So much to learn about different periods in time and the significance of how that merges with the attire. Just as in this dress/gown, it would be very interesting to learn of the history. Thanks for sharing!

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