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Crochet Envy

I don’t know how to crochet, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the artistry and technique of this craft.  Many of the vintage garments I collect come embellished with a touch of crochet or tatted lace, adding to their allure and loveliness.  And so, when I happened upon these vintage how-to booklets recently at an auction, I just could not pass them up.  I will be keeping a couple, but plan on sending a few out to my sweet friend Robin, who’s crocheting skills I much admire. 

Perhaps she will be able to recreate some of the lovely edgings, yokes, corners and insertions features in the pages of this vintage treasures.  As for myself, I will have to be content using the vintage and antique crochet bits and pieces from my collection on my sewing and art projects.  It’s a hardship, I know, but one just has to make do!

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