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Warm Wishes

Isn’t this little fellow just the cutest guy ever?  I just adore his over-sized, fuzzy coat!

No snow here yet in Maryland, but the weather has finally started turning chilly.  We are wrapping up the final days of school before the holiday break.  All my little friends (and some big ones!) have been enjoying creating “Frosty Boxes” to give to their parents.  I was so inspired by the Fairie Shrine I made with the mega-talented Debrina Pratt at Spellbound last month, that I just knew I could adapt the idea into something the kids could create.

The kids (ages 5-8, special education students) spent several days painting the boxes, gluing vintage looking pictures (thank you Pinterest!), creating  little personalized snowmen, and then adding sparkle with glitter glue, snow glitter and super fine antique silver glitter (thank you Martha  Stewart!).  The “Frosty Boxes” came out stinking cute, I have to say!!!!!  Art is such a wonderful medium to reach my special students – vocabulary, sharing, turn taking, following directions, not to mention  expressing themselves creatively – so many opportunities to sneak in a bit of learning while creating something beautiful and unique.

Have a Sparkly Day!!

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