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I Believe in Faeries

I while back I signed up to participate in Karla’s Faerie Book Swap.  Each participant was to make 8 pages for a book with a faerie theme. All the pages get sent to Karla, and she then mixes and matches various pages from everybody to make each of us a book, featuring her original artwork as a cover piece. 

I love projects like this, as it gives me a reason to dip into some of the vintage ephemera and laces from my stash.  If I use them up, then I can justify getting more, right?

5 comments to I Believe in Faeries

  • Sue, your faerie pages are so special! I’ve signed up for Karla’s romantic gothic ghost class, come to Chicago and ride with me!

  • Sue….I know you….your stash could never be used up….but I give you permission to go out & buy more anyway. The thrill of the hunt is half the fun….plus you might find some more blue & white pyrex while out shopping hee hee!!

  • Ohh Sue, these are all so so beautiful! 🙂 And gosh Aaron and I were just talking about using vs hoarding favorite bits and trims…If you got em use em!! 😉 It only makes the art more special!! 🙂 And yes…it means you can shop shop shop for some more! 🙂

    xo Jenny

  • Your pages were a great addition to the swap, thanks! I’m mailing your book today.

  • Hi Sue

    Your pages for the swap are just gorgeous. I too am in the swap and hope I get one of yours. I did mine all the same knowing they would go to different people.



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