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Great Books to Encourage Art (and Writing)!


I may have mentioned that I am a Special Education teacher, a job that I find very rewarding and fulfilling.  I work with a wide variety of kids and have found over the years that many have one thing in common -a lack of self confidence in their abilities.  For whatever reasons, many of these students have developed an “I can’t possibly do that” attitude, especially when it comes to writing.  My solution – encourage writing through the process of art!  Perfect, right?  There are some wonderful books out that support this approach, books that encourage kiddos to take a chance, make that first mark and see where it takes them (to paraphrase from one of the books!).

Through art, the kids I work with learn all about adding details that make things more interesting, and this of course transfers later into their writing.  Any art activity becomes a means of self-expression, an opportunity to develop imagination and language.  We talk and talk while we create, and experiment with all sorts of materials.  We learn that things don’t have to be perfect, and that mistakes can turn into something magical!  I can’t wait  to share these books with my class in September and  see how their art and then their writing  blossoms.

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