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The List

Summer has  arrived.  I’m done with teaching until fall, and the weeks are spread before me like an enticing banquet.  What to do with all this free time?  I have decided to tackle “The List”.  You know – the List, that one you hold in the back of your mind, storing all those tasks and projects you hope to get to “someday”.   I have bravely decided that someday is now and am jumping right in to that pesky, long list.  So far I have fixed frames to hang some pictures (enlarged copies of some vintage post cards) in my guest bath, dug out curtain rods for the guest room and bath for hubby to finally hang (which he obligingly did, I might add), and painted my kitchen chairs.  Those chairs have been a dark hunter green forever, left over from the color scheme of our old house (we moved 11 years ago, so this project has been on “The List” for a long, long time!), and I am pleased to report that they are now a cheerful ocean spray blue.  For my first attempt at furniture painting, I think they came out  alright and admit that they make me smile each time I walk into the kitchen.  Why on earth did I wait so long to do this????

Next up will be window treatments for those curtain rods – I am thinking some of my old lace from my stash will do the trick.  I also want to repaint the wicker chairs on my front porch, but that particular task will have to wait until the resident dove hatches her little babies.  In the meantime I am planning to finally finish typing up the book my late father wrote about growing up during the depression.  It’s funny and heartwarming, full of stories that he entertained us with when we were kids.  It is a legacy that deserves to be shared with my siblings and cousins, so I need to get it done.  There are many more items on my “List”, and I am looking forward to greeting each of them with a great big “howdy do”!  I can’t wait to see what I have accomplished when I look back at the end of the summer.


4 comments to The List

  • I have a list too … but I won’t be finished up at work until the beginning of the month (and then I take a trip, and then I hope they can manage without me…)

  • Sue, keep us posted on that list! Makes me wish I had gone with my first dream which was to be a kindergarten teacher. Love the chair color! Take care, don’t work toooo hard. Julie

  • Cindy

    LOVE the color you picked for the kitchen chairs. I’m sure it completely changed the feel of that space! Did you use a brush or spray paint? Feeling jealous of your free time, but you know I love to live through you and your projects. 😉

  • Hey Sue! Love the color of your chairs!! So fun!! I have been tackling my “list” as well this summer! Can’t wait to see some pictures of those curtains!!

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