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True Love

I admit it.  I am in love – with aqua vintage Pyrex.  It’s been coming for a while.  I would see them at flea markets, antique malls and such and think “hmmmm – that is really my color”.  But something always stopped me from taking the plunge.  Well, I have to say that I am head over heals in love with these beauties now.  I blame Pinterest – so many wonderful images of collections of Pyrex, and they all looked just amazing when grouped all together. 

Yesterday I went to a local auction –  sadly a total bust, but then to console myself I popped over to one of my favorite antique malls and well, the rest is history.  First one lovely aqua bowl, then a casserole, then some mixing bowls.  This particular antique mall was just bursting its seams with vintage Pyrex.  It was obviously meant to be for me to bring some lovelies home for my own, right? Another collection started – and one I am sure I will enjoy using.  What is the fun of having such fabulous treasures hiding away in a cabinet, when they could be making me smile each and every day!

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  • ….plus it is so fun when a collection is just ummmm instant! I love it. I will be on the hunt for you too. I love hunting for friends. How are you it has been awhile. Hope all is well.

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