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Fun with Feedsack

I may have mentioned that I hoard collect vintage textiles and fabrics.  Laces, linens, bark cloths – I just adore it all.

A view of the closet for my studio - just a "few" vintage textiles!!!

My most recent passion is the fabric feed and flour sacks of the 1930’s and 40’s.  Thrifty housewives of that era turned these pretties into aprons, dresses, quilts, dishtowels and more.  You can still find the fabrics at antique shops and flea markets – their cheerful patterns and rainbow colors are a testament to the creativity and positive outlook of these wonderful women.

Right now I am working on some fabric cuff bracelets for my friend Kelli’s shop in Ellicott City Maryland – A Journey From Junk.  I’ve decided to use the vintage feedsack fabrics as a base, and then am adding a stamped sentiment, lace, vintage buttons and perhaps a bit of bling….

works in progress

They are fun little projects to work on, and I can easily toss them in a back to sew a bit when ever I have a spare moment.

Faithful #1 assistant standing by in case I need help photographing!

  Being busy with work and home responsibilities is no reason to not feed the creative soul, right?

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  • Sue, I’ve just recently started “collecting” feed sacks myself! Yours all seem to match so well. I agree with you 100% that we should all feed our souls at least A little every day. Take care, Bella! Julie

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