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Reflecting and Recap of 2011

Bee Warm!

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is officially old news – I guess it’s time to look back, take stock and reflect on the past year.

I started off the year with a commitment to become more healthy, and thanks to dear friend Robin R.who provided constant encouragement, and the support and enthusiasm of my family, I can proudly say that I am 20 lbs lighter than I was on 1/1/11.   We replaced our old treadmill with a fancy new one in January – complete with IFIT Live, and yes, you really can walk down the streets of Paris or hike the National Parks.  I LOVE this machine!  I also started doing some strength training with weights, and was so excited to get the weight bench I asked for this Christmas.  I still have quite a journey ahead, but I feel healthier, am eating healthier and plan on doing even better during 2012!

photo courtesy of Graphics Fairy

I know I don’t talk much about my “day” job (I’m a special education teacher).  I continue to find that work very rewarding and really enjoy that part of my life right now. Recently I have been able to incorporate more art activities into my teaching, which make myself, my teaching assistant, and most of all my students – very happy indeed!

I had hoped to attend Silver Bella again this year – participating in that event has truly changed my life.  Needless to say, I was SO disappointed when it was cancelled  for this year (I have high hopes for next year, though, Teresa!) The friendships I have made through Silver Bella, the experiences, instructors and yes, even the glitter just can not be beat.  Check out Jenny Doh’s new book, Creative Pilgrimage, to get a taste of what the Silver Bella experience is like.  (and yes, my arm is in the photo with the circle of blingy bracelets on page 123.  I’m the one with the aqua sweater with the ruffled cuff!)

photo courtesy of Cheryl Stoneham

Since Silver Bella was no longer an option, I decided to head out to California for a workshop with Amy Hanna, hostessed by the incredibly versatile Jenny Doh.  In addition to the amazing class, I was able to fit in some beach time, and also hang out with one of my Silver Bella friends,  Robin S.  We hit the Urban Barn monthly street fair, and then had fun at several local thrift stores – there’s nothing like “thrifting” with buddies who understand!!

Urban Barn Street Fair in August 2011

Last but not least – I had my first piece published in Somerset Studio!! An embellished bra inspired by one I made for Silver Bella (see how this event keeps cropping up?).  The magazine not only published the piece, but did a 3 page article on it.

photo curtesy of Somerset Studio Magazine

I was overwhelmed and so humbled to be a part of the publication.  Thanks so much to the magazine  for choosing to include my work, and especially to Cynthia Levens for the lovely article!.  To make things even better, another piece of mine was recently accepted for publication in Jewelry Affaire – it should be in the Spring Issue which comes out April 1st.

Looking back on the past year I realize that I have so much to be thankful for.  I am blessed with a wonderful family, fabulous and creative friends, a job that I enjoy, and opportunities to learn and grow creatively. I realize that I am very lucky.  I appreciate all that I have, and boy am I looking forward to whatever adventures come my way in 2012!

4 comments to Reflecting and Recap of 2011

  • Sue, what a great synopsis! You truly inspire me. I too hope there’s a silver Bella this year. And congrats on the new you! Happy New Year, Julie

  • Congratulations on loosing that 20 pounds!!! WOW!!! That is amazing. I feel like I’ve found 20 pounds but, I am going to work really hard & loose some this year! I loved that you went to The Urban Barn as I LOVE IT too! That photo of the bed is so cool & I was there the day Deb Hodge brought those pillows in. She, Sandy & I all went & had lunch that day. Deb is an amazing artist! And the chaarm bracelet swap from Silver Bella was amazing wasn’t it? I LOVE how it turned out. My friend Sandy co-hosted that swap with Cheryl & she did a lot of work making those. Check out her post at

    She made one in auroaborialis, one in the clear (when she made the groups) & one in Autum colors that she shows on here blogs side bar. I want to get Jenny’s book so I can see all the goodies in it as I’m sure it is a great read. I am going out to Kim’s Event in California in May & can’t wait to see all the girls again as well as shop at The Urban Barn & Vignettes in San Deigo.
    COngrats on being publshed! That is GREAT! Sounds like you have an amzing 2012 lined up too. Charlene

  • Robin Weins

    your an amazing women. It does surprise me one bit that your piece got published!! Congrats girl!!

  • What a fun recap! I remember that aqua sweater, harbinger of a similarly colored new aqua collection! 🙂
    P.S. Here on St Maarten, I’m getting these instructions to post: “Typ de twee woorden.”

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