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Regrouping, Rethinking and Reinvigorating

girls on beach cropAfter my amazing trip to CA in August I jumped in feet first to teaching a new program at work with some pretty amazing kids.  I had worked out the most of the logistics during the summer, and was really excited to get this program off the ground.  Happy to say that it seems to be working out very well, however devoting every ounce of energy and every spare moment to it has taken its toll.  I have ended up less than healthy, which has cost me  having to cancel participation in two highly anticipated events – helping at the Michael Weiss Foundation annual figure skating fundraiser, and attending my 30th high school reunion.img015

So now what, says I?  I desperately need to come up with something beyond the typical work day to jump start my creative spirit, keep myself motivated and just generally reinvigorate my soul.  Suggestions greatly appreciated, dear friends.  In the meantime, I think I will wander up to my studio and see how things are there.  The sun is shining and it looks to be a glorious fall day – that should be reason enough to celebrate, right?

2 comments to Regrouping, Rethinking and Reinvigorating

  • I think the hardest thing is to pace ourselves and not get so caught up in things that we damage our health. Just take it easy and hopefully your energy will come back. It sounds like you just wore yourself out.

    I enjoy reading your blog and activities.



  • Fantastic pictures, Sue. I wonder what program you are doing (and zI likely would not even know of it now. I remember the excitement of trying out new programs. Similar to the excitement of learning a new craft.

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