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Organizing my Studio – Summer Update

sewing closet organized! 010Way back at the beginning of the year I decided to try to get my sewing studio organized.  The various unfinished projects and piles of materials and supplies had reached a horrifying crisis level and I was determined to take care of it once and for all!  Of course, life intervened in the form of added challenges at work, and before I knew it months had slipped away with no real progress on my poor studio.

Jump ahead to this summer – and some much appreciated me time to catch up on promises to myself.  At the top of the list – tackling the closet of my sewing studio.  Now, those of you who know me are probably aware that I have, um, an addiction to vintage fabrics.  A serious addiction.  Can’t pass ’em up addiction.  All of those treasures were piled higglty pigglty in the walk in closet of the studio – on shelves, in bags, baskets and all over the floor – yikes!   Here’s a very embarrassing “before” picture (I’m so ashamed!)Organizing the studio 2011 007

And here is my improved and organized closet. sewing closet organized! 001 Floor cleared and even room for a card table for projects.  All of my lovely vintage fabrics organized by type (bark cloth, laces, old drapes…) sewing closet organized! 006

sewing closet organized! 012

sewing closet organized! 007

I have 2 vintage shoe organizers for smaller bits, treasures and to hold my vintage pattern collection. sewing closet organized! 008

Wooden clothes pins stored in some wonderful vintage clothespin holders are handy for clipping in photos and lace bits.  sewing closet organized! 011

Time to get to work!!!!

5 comments to Organizing my Studio – Summer Update

  • Wow….what progress! Loved reading about the sweet 16 and seeing your bee excursion. Things have been busy around here with baseball & chicken keeping. Yard is a burnt up mess…but garden is still looking pretty. Check out my roses on my blog….you will love them!

  • Ok, I feel better about my fabric stash now …. but I really want to shop yours! Nice tidy up!

  • Think we all have rooms that look like that sometimes, Sue. Mine is just a pit of despair right now. Good work on organizing!

  • Doesn’t it feel so good to organize? It is often a really good prompt for being creative — touching and seeing what you have, sorting colors and finding lovely combinations. Good for you, Sue!

  • Robin

    Sue you have a wonderful fabric closet!! Love your vintage shoe organizers. I used to work in a fabric store and all my stash is in boxes in the garage…..that I cant get to.

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