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What I Learned From My Father…..

dad crop

Lesson 1:  No one can “make” you mad, you allow yourself to become mad.

Lesson 2:  Be a little silly each and every day!

Dad taught me how to jitterbug, read me Shakespeare, and made up the most wonderful and fanciful bedtime stories.  He taught me how to drive, helped me pick out my wedding dress, and wrote the most wonderful poetry.  I really miss my dad on days like today.

Go right now and hug those wonderful fathers in your life.  They are truly worth their weight in gold!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

1 comment to What I Learned From My Father…..

  • Sue,
    This is precious. I didn’t get a great dad but I have a wonderful fil and, of course, I have a tremendous husband. i love what your dad taught you and the picture that goes with it. Your description of him sounds a lot like Jud. I will give him an extra big hug in honor of your father.

    I do understand the gratefulness, and the sadness, of this day for you.


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