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Going on a Bee Safari…

top bar hiveYesterday I  joined my hubby on a “bee safari” to visit the hives of one of the local bee club members.  And so I donned my snazzy bee keeping jacket with hood and joined in the fun. bee safari gal crop

This particular bee yard had 4 working hives, including a very unusual “top bar” hive which allows the bees to make more natural bar view window

top bar hive 2I had read about these, but had never seen one up close before – very cool!  The other hives were opened up so we could all take a gander at how things were going. bee safari crop

Afterwords we joined our hosts for some snacks and a bit of bee chat.  They had even made these awesome cupcakes with a honeycomb shaped cookie top and little jellybean & icing bees – yummy!!cupcake crop

All in all a fun day.  It was nice to spend some quality time with my beekeeper hubby and learn a bit more about the art of keeping bees.

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