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beehivesOur newest additions to the family are settling in nicely – all 20,000  of them (about 10,000 per hive).  My mom and step dad have been bee-keeping for years and have several hives on their property as well as  a couple more at Sky Meadows State park in Virginia.  It was only a matter of time before the beekeeping bug “stung” someone at our house.  Hubby is the head beekeeper for this lot, and I am just a lowly apprentice.  They sure are fascinating little critters though.  beesEventually, assuming they make it through their first winter here, we can look forward to some yummy homegrown honey.   For a quick tutorial on how honey is extracted from the hives, check out my post from August 30, 2009 “A Honey of a Day” .  In the meantime I’ll BEE sure to keep you up to date on the latest news from the hives.

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  • Bee-lightful?!

    I had a bee land on my wrist on the way home this afternoon. I gave my wrist a little shake, it stayed put. I looked at it (it can’t be sternly they are too lovely) and told it to go away, and it stayed put. I said, alright then and lowered my arm — and it flew off!

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