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Yes, He Flies a Plane without an Engine…..

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He also flies them with engines, but this weekend  was about the gliders.  You know – those sort of long, skinny airplanes with really really long  wings – and no engine! Hubby got interested in gliders about 8 years ago and was hooked.DSC03022


When the conditions are good, these guys can soar for hours, long distances even.  Very cool and fascinating for an observer like myself.  DSC03032I have to admit that I haven’t gone up in one yet – I’m not big on flying and don’t handle turbulence well, but they sure are pretty to watch.  I’m amazed by how quiet they are when they come in for landing – (no engine, remember?) – just a whoosh and they are down. solo glider flight


The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association hosted a 3-day event this weekend – Molson, the girl child and I went up for the cookout.  Great food, even greater flying stories (the one about the swamp buggy and blow torch….OMG) really nice, slightly quirky folks who like to do something just a bit outside the average hobby. A really fine way to spend an evening.

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  • Good for you, Sue. I would be a nervous wreck. Jud took flying lessons and flew for several years. He loved it. I hated it (he always wanted me to go with him. During one rather long trip, we hit a storm and I hit the ceiling. That was it. I made him land at the nearest airport and let me out. I am kind of sorry because he quit after that. I know he misses it.

    The gliders are beautiful to watch!


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