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Dreaming of Dress Forms

meav 008 crop

You just never know when treasures will come your way.  My daughter and I set up at a local community flea market last weekend.  She has been creating for quite some time, and things were beginning to pile up a bit.crop

Time  to move on some of the jewelry, purses, and other goodies she had been making, and this seemed like a good opportunity to “get her feet wet” on the sales side (she’s been on the shopping since she was a wee babe!).  meav 004

She had a great time and sold quite a few things.meav 002 crop

The highlight of the day, however, came at the very beginning.  Setting up in the space next to us was an older gentleman.  As we were setting unpacking our boxes, my daughter anxiously whispered “Mom, he’s got a dress form!”  A bit lovingly shabby on a wooden base – my daughter fell head over heals in love with it.  Needless to say, we charmingly asked how much, and for a mere $20 (can you believe it??) my daughter took ownership of her treasure.  Now my own Mary Elvira has a friend to keep her company during the day.  She is named after a favorite Celtic Women performer.  May I introduce you to Meav ?meav 013

1 comment to Dreaming of Dress Forms

  • Heather

    NO way!! I’m uber jealous!!!

    How’d you guys do at the market? I hope you sold EVERYTHING!!

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