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victoria mag. article photo

Victoria Magazine, Casting a Decorative Spell, October 1998

This weekend I have been able to sneak out into the garden for a bit.  Everywhere I looked there were plants that needed attention – I’m afraid I was a rather lazy gardener last fall and didn’t put things to bed properly.   So yesterday I ventured out to face my neglected gardens, and they welcomed me back with their wonderful early spring colors.  The herbs scented the air – I cut back lavender and bee balm and wallowed in the glorious whispers of perfume released by their dried stems.  Birds came to watch – hoping I might unearth a tasty worm for their evening meal.  The roses that survived are a wild tangle – many of the antique climbers have somehow sent out shoots yards long to twine among the perennials.  Lovely though they are, the roses will have to be tamed, at least a bit.

PM garden sketch

Garden sketch - Practical Magic

The sun shines again today.  The garden calls to me.  It’s truly a magical feeling.

*disclaimer – My garden does not (yet) look as glorious as the one featured in the movie Practical Magic. Perhaps one day ….

4 comments to Awakening

  • Sue, I’m sitting here alone in the house (we all know how special that is!) sipping morning coffee and when I read your post, just sighed ahhhh. Thank you for making my day with your words! You are a closet writer, you oughta send me all your craft stuff and become a writer! Ha, hugs, Julie

  • Sue ~
    I love that movie! Your weather must be like the weather here for all I can dream about is warmer days and flowers. Here is wishes being blown your way for a lovely garden this year!

  • Sue,
    I am not a gardener but i could feel the joy of it all in your words

  • Once I return from CA, I’m hoping to stay put for a while and do a little gardening myself. Maybe we can compare notes, once the weather allows for more than dreaming. 🙂

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