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It’s me, Molson again……

Christmas 2010 068 It sure is hard work being Sue’s number 1 assistant. She is pretty busy with something she calls “work” right now, so I thought I would stop in with everyone and share a few of the things she is looking forward to this spring. She talks about this stuff a lot, and as her faithful assistant I am there to listen and wag my tail as needed.  First is her garden.  I’m not allowed in it (yet), but I have high hopes for this year! Sue has big plans for growing lots of yummy treats in the raised beds (once all the snow melts), and wants to install 2 vintage garden gates.entry to garden in morning sun She is still going to be growing lots of those roses and peonies, and all sorts of other stuff that bees like.  I keep hearing lots of talk about bees – I think there is something in the works there but nobody has filled me in yet. Bees 1

Sue is looking forward to something called the Luckett’s Spring Faire in May.  It’s a ways off, I know, but she keeps going on and on about it.  She always comes home with a carload of interesting things. Luckets 2010 083 crop

Luckets 2010 058 crop

Finally, Sue got some very exciting news  about this thing she made.  You’ll have to check back about it in a bit – something about a magazine, something studio….. I don’t know – can’t read (I’m a dog, remember!) but I have to say whatever it is she made was really nice (for a people thing, anyway!). And sparkly – very sparkly.Silver Bella 2010 179 cropAs for me, I plan to do a lot of chasing bugs, playing with my ball, visiting with my friends and helping Sue in the garden (hopefully!)   Sue and I would love to hear your plans for the Spring.   Thanks for stopping by!

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