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It’s a Sisterhood Thing

img025 crop It’s been a gradual change.  Slowly I am giving myself permission to become the person I’ve always dreamed of.  One who embraces her creativity and is not afraid to put herself and her creations out there .  One who, at the late age of 48 (almost) is striving to learn the gentle arts of homemaking that somehow she missed earlier in life (top of the list this year – learning to can).  One who is happy to ride her pink cruiser bike to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  One who’s wardrobe consists of vintage day dresses, 1940’s peep-toe platform shoes, comfy jeans and pink converse sneakers.img009

I’ve written quite a bit about my experiences with Silver Bella and the amazingly creative souls that I have met through the annual event, many who have become the dearest of friends.  Now I want to share with you the next stage in my journey of self-discovery – The Mary Janes Farm Sisterhood.sisterhood 1

You may be familiar with Mary Jane Butters.  Author, farmer, preservationist, artist – her life story is a remarkable read.  I first “met” Mary Jane through her wonderful magazine – Mary Janes Farm.  What a wonderful resource – promoting a simpler, more organic way of life.  Her studio was featured in the premiere issue of Where Women Create, and she was featured yet again in the premiere issue of the sister publication Where Women Cook.  She was a keynote speaker at last year’s Creative Connection event, where she inspired hundreds of women. spring valley Once I found her blog, it wasn’t long before I had joined the chatroom.  Suddenly at my fingertips were the most fascinating tips on everything from gardening to sewing to canning to raising chickens (another “someday” goal of mine!)  The next and most logical step was to join the Sisterhood itself.farmgirls 1

My Sisterhood certificate arrived in the mail yesterday – simply charming!  There’s also a special membership badge that I plan on embroidering  and wearing proudly.  I’ve even found another “Sister” just minutes away from me (Hi Gail!!) and look forward to getting to know her better. sisterhood 2 I have high hopes that the Mary Janes Farm Sisterhood will help me to embrace my inner “Farmgirl” the way that Silver Bella has helped me to embrace my inner artist.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey!!farmgirls 2

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