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A Little Gift of Time

tea time 001 cropA few flurries this morning, which in my part of Maryland means a 2-Hour delayed opening for schools.  How should I spend this little gift of time?  I guess I could jump back under the covers and snooze it away, but I think not.  I think instead I will make myself a big mug of my favorite Austrian tea and work on organizing my studio a bit, maybe finishing up with  some quality time reading.  What a lovely and peaceful start to the day!tea time 021 crop

How would you spend an unexpected gift of a few hours of time?

2 comments to A Little Gift of Time

  • Here I thought the gift of time was that beautiful clock! Oh, how I remember those wonderful delays! And those snow days…the best! Hope you are having time to create in the middle of the school year!

  • I love a good 2 hour delay….the gift of time seems to always be on my side lately. Have been organizing and trying to get back to creating. Wish we could create together.

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