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Silver Bella – The Projects!

Silver Bella 2010 147 crop 2In addition to the glitter-fest of a group class the first night taught by Teresa McFayden, I took 5 classes at Silver Bella.  First was the Project Runway Class taught by Canadian artist, Colette Copeland. It was a rather gentle start to the day (and perfect after staying up late the night before with all those awesome swaps!). We made and embellished small pinafores and hung them on their own clothesline to display – sweet!Silver Bella 2010 162 crop As always, I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s interpretations of the project, and was blown away by the creativity of my classmates!

Next up were 2 classes with the fabulous Beth Quinn.  In the Teacup Fairy class we used a teacup, a china frozen charlotte head, and a wire cage frame to create the fairy. Silver Bella 2010 159 crop2 Strips of lace, fabric and tissue were tied on to the wire frame to form the skirt, which was then embellished with sayings, jewels and a bit of bling!

For my 2nd class with Beth, we glittered up a small wire dress form top, embellished and added wings, and then used strips of lace and ribbon for the skirt to make an adorable “She” ornament. Silver Bella 2010 151 crop 2 For those of you not familiar with Beth’s work, be sure to check out her blog and shop – her “she” jewelry is wonderful.Silver Bella 2010 151 crop 4

I won a necklace during the first class (and then went to Beth’s booth at the vendor faire that night and purchased two wonderful art necklaces – one for me and one for my daughter – shhh, Christmas gift, don’t tell!).

I had 2 more classes on Saturday, starting out with my most challenging class of the event – Eclipse Bracelet with none-other than soldering goddess Sally Jean Alexander!  I had only soldered once time prior to this class, so I guess you could say I was a true soldering virgin. Silver Bella 2010 135 crop Sally is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from listening and watching her demo the project.  She was SO patient with us beginners.  Throughout the class she did not emphasize perfection -instead encouraging us to  “own it, love it” , which really helped lower the stress level.

Silver Bella 2010 141 crop Am I going to do more soldering?  You betcha!

My final class was with Kaari Meng of French General.  During this class we created necklaces styled after vintage rosary chains, and then added lovely charms. Silver Bella 2010 154 Just like last year, this was a perfect way to end my roster of classes.  Kaari is a wonderful teacher, and was excited to see what vintage buttons and treasures I had brought to embellish my necklace.

This year’s Silver Bella lived up to and exceeded all expectations.  The community of creativity, the acceptance, the generosity and the overall sense of joy you experience while at Silver Bella can simply not be gushed about enough! Thank you to all the Bellas who shared their laughter, treasures and  of course, their chocolate.  You are the best!Silver Bella 2010 147 crop

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