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Silver Bella 2010

Silver Bella 2010 051

Community,  Creativity…..

Silver Bella 2010 074

Silver Bella 2010 098

Silver Bella 081crop

Companionship, Craziness….Silver Bella 2010 103 sepia

Silver Bella 2010 102 crop sepia

Silver Bella 2010 091 crop sepiaCompletely Wonderful.

Art Sisters and Inspiration. That’s what you experience at Silver Bella.

Projects in this post were made by some of the very talented gals at Silver Bella.  I’ll share my own creations (as soon as I finish ’em!) as well as what I received from the Silver Bella swaps in my next post.

Stay tuned!

2 comments to Silver Bella 2010

  • Hey Art Sister,
    This year was the best ever. Thank you so much for putting on the lovely party!
    Your pictures are great. I can’t wait until next year!

  • Sue, it was great meeting you at Silver Bella. Next time I’m coming earlier so that I don’t miss fabulous things like your caketini party! By the way, you rocked your vintage housedress outfit – you must show a full photo, including your fabulous boots!

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