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Kindred Spirit – Aunt Jeanne

Aunt Jeane 012 cropOne of the many blessings of having a rather extended family is having relatives who are kindred spirits and understand my addiction love of vintage treasures, especially of the sewing variety.  Over this past summer a box arrived on my doorstep from my mom’s sister, my Aunt Jeanne.  Not only is she a retired teacher, she also sews, gardens, and like my mama just totally “gets” me!  Upon opening the box I found these fabulous vintage sewing supplies….Aunt Jeane 014Check out the original wrapping on the “Knitting Pins”!!  Aunt Jeanne wrote the following – “The story of the stuff: My 81 year old dear friend brought out a box full of musty old things a friend had given her. This friend and her two sisters and their ancient mother lived across the street from Blanche (my friend) for years. Aunt Jeane 014 crop When the last sister died (in her 90s in early 1990) the brother gave a bundle of their sewing remains to Blanche. I went through boxes of mildewed mildewed fabric and moth-riddled yarn before finding these things. Apparently one sister knitted, one sewed and one painted.Aunt Jeane 008 They were all professors of some sort at the University of Texas. (Blanche couldn’t remember professors of what -“Jeez Jeanne. I’m 81 years old! I no longer have to remember everything!”) I especially adored the oval embroidery hoop. It is the sweetest thing. “Aunt Jeane 002 crop 2

She sent these patterns along to me yesterday, via my mom, who shared that their mother used them to make clothes for their dolls when they were little.Aunt Jeane 027

So sweet – I will surely treasure these!  Thanks Aunt Jeanne – for understanding me 🙂

3 comments to Kindred Spirit – Aunt Jeanne

  • Oh,Sue,
    You are so lucky to have those kindred spirits. They sure do get you.
    Thanks so much for your kind words…so much appreciated!

  • Cindy M.

    I just spent my lunch time catching up on your blog after a very tedious meeting. It was just what I needed in order to refocus on the important–creative spirit. Thanks for sharing everything from Silver Bella and the family treasures. You have no idea how inspiring your blog is!

  • Sue, you just won the Romantic White Christmas goodie bag! Please send me your address. Too bad my plans are so iffy for VA, or we could just meet up and I’d give it to you in person.

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