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Gifties in the Mail – Paris Box Swap

Earlier this summer I participated in Speckled Egg‘s Petite Paris Inspiration Box Swap.  What with travels overseas, busy summer activities, the start of a new school year and such, I am just now getting around to sharing the wonderful boxes I received.  My first partner was Jessie , from New Zealand.  She sent me  this beautyParis swap 004 crop

Isn’t that huge pink flower pin lovely?  And packed inside as well as around the box were even more goodies……Paris swap 002 crop

My second partner was Melissa , from Idaho.   Just look what she made for me!Paris swap 013 crop

Paris swap 013

These talented and creative gals certainly spoiled me!  It’s really wonderful to be able to connect with like-minded souls across the country and even on the other side of the world, who love bits and baubles just as much as me!  Thanks Heather for hostessing yet another wonderful swap!!

Just wanted everyone to know I will be posting about how the Homecoming Dress turned out very soon.  It’s  finished and at the dry cleaners for a professional pressing and cleaning (Homecoming is this Saturday!).  I’ve been fighting a nasty viral infection, so I am a little behind on posting – sorry for the delay and thanks to my assistant 🙂 for keeping everyone up to date!

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  • Oh, dear. Twenty nine days and I have much to do, Sue! I can’t wait to see your Homecoming dress! Don’t you just love fooling with those little boxes? And the ones you get back are so special. I think they get better all the time.

    Won’t be long!

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