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Sleeping in a Castle and Apple Strudel

HPIM3399Hi everyone!  We are back from a magical trip to Germany and Austria.  If you ever have the chance – they are truly two of the loveliest countries on Earth.  We spent the first week in the Franconian Bavaria region of Germany , right at the intersection of the castle road and the romantic road.  Days were spent exploring medieval walled towns and Gothic cathedralsstreet and fountain

Schneeballen crop

cathedral crop 2 And our nights were spent here…….. castle frontYes, we stayed in a 14th century medieval castle (with modern conveniences of course!)  You can book a stay here through a wonderful organization called Untours.  Our  apartment included a bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and tiny but functional kitchen.  My daughter had her own set of rooms right next to ours (which she loved, of course!).  It was so cool to come back to the castle after a day of sight seeing, cross the moat,castle front close-up and enter the ancient wooden door of the keep,castle front door

castle courtyardknowing that we called this remarkable abode our home! We loved having a kitchen, as it gave us the opportunity to check out the local markets and prepare some of our own meals. market

market berries

Of course, no trip to Germany would be complete without Apple Strudel!apple strudel

I really found myself drawn to the Gothic artwork on the buildings, city fountains, and of course in the breathtaking churches.fountain detail


smiling maddona

The week at our castle was over way too soon, and then it was on to the mountains of beautiful Austria.  I’ll share a bit of that trip in my next post.  on tower stairs

6 comments to Sleeping in a Castle and Apple Strudel

  • How exciting and beautiful! One of the many things on my “bucket list” is to spend the night in a real castle. Good to know that you can actually do that. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Can’t wait to hear all the details of your exciting trip!! Are those your new glasses? They look great!

  • SO INCREDIBLE!!! I am jealous…I want to stay in a castle with my children!!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  • Robin

    WOW Sue that looks like an awesome trip! What fun finds and I love the German scrap.

  • Hi Sue, oh Germany is still my favorite. Even though I loved Spain, just can’t beat the German people and the fairy tale way the buildings are painted! We have both been lucky girls this summer!

  • Debby

    Hi Sue, I love the picture of the archway with the flowers hanging on either side. I am putting together a book for a Cub Scout training. It has a medieval theme and I would love to use your picture in it. I would love to hear from you and am willing to give you some more details.

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