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Germany Trinkets and Treasures

Shops in many Bavarian towns close at noon on Saturday and are closed all day Sundays.  However, not to fret, as Sundays are Flea Market days in Germany!  We found a small one nearby and had fun exploring the treasure.  Some of the loveliness I brought home included an amazing old lace collar,  jewelry bits, old keys and some lovely thread holders embellished with tiny lilies of the valley. germany treasures 006 crop

Other finds during the first week included this awesome felted heart, germany treasures 022 crop

antique books and postcards(the one with the birds below is actually hand-painted not a print – beautiful!!)germany treasures 009 crop

germany treasures 011

germany treasures 012 crop

germany treasures 016 crop

germany treasures 017 crop

germany treasures 019 crop

and some wonderful German scrap pictures!germany treasures 031 crop

germany treasures 034 crop

germany treasures 039 cropAnd here’s my favorite – Snow White!germany treasures 029 crop

(Sadly – not a frozen Charlotte to be found anywhere, even though we were right near the purported mother-load where they originate!)

Throughout the  trip I gathered charms (both vintage and new) to create a special charm bracelet memento of this trip.  I’ll share how it turned out, as well as a bit about our week in Austria, in my next post.

5 comments to Germany Trinkets and Treasures

  • Sue: What treasures! I especially love Snow White. Your trip sounds wonderful. What great memories for your family! xoxo, K

  • Yummy things, Sue. You did a great job of getting things that are you. I also just love the Snow White scrap.
    The best SW I have ever seen!

  • How Fun and Fabulous! You have found some treasures there which I am sure will be woven into one of your awesome creations! You are making some lovely memories! I hope you find a frozen Charlotte soon! Blessings dear!

  • SUE!!!!
    OMG…I just received my post card in the mail and IF I could tell you how EXCITED I was to hear from you…ALL THE WAY FROM GERMANY…you wouldn’t believe me!!!!
    Girl, my heart just melted when I saw your handwriting…(actually, I teared up) that you thought of me on your MARVELOUS vacation!!!!
    And then, I totally fell on the floor laughing when I read what you wrote in parentheses (Sue Elseth, from Silver Bella 🙂
    Girl…I would recognize that “Sue E.” from anywhere!!!!!
    And reading your post about the castle, just knowing that was where you were staying when you mailed me the postcard is truly awesome. I feel like a part of me was there too, knowing that you shared your trip with me.
    You are the SWEETEST thing girl!!!!

    I am so going to miss you this November 🙁

  • LOVE your finds!! I would have had such a hard time resisting any of the scraps and pictures/postcards you found! I can’t wait to see your bracelet!

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