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Vintage Crinoline Heaven (and a few little gifties!)

The vintage crinolines from last week’s auction adventure are all washed – final count 53!! Totally amazing. Here’s what they looked like all nice and clean – piled on the guest room bed.crinolines 016 crop Sort of puts into one’s mind the Princess and the Pea story, only instead of mattresses I have a pile of frothy vintage crinolines! (there are actually quite a few pale pastel ones – we washed those first so they ended up at the bottom of the pile!)crinolines 023 There is NO way these will all fit on the garment rack I bought….crinolines 024

crinolines 025 Perhaps I can hang them at some of the windows instead of curtains??

In the meantime, between wash loads of tulle, I have been working on some last minute  gifts for some staff and students at the school where I teach.  These are  for a couple of one-on-one assistants I have worked with,end of school year gifties 017 crop

Their dedication and patience has truly been inspiring.

This tote bag is  for a fabulous young teacher who survived her first year in the classroom!end of year gifties 008 crop 2

end of year gifties 008 crop The text under the photo reads “With heavy hearts, teachers sadly wave goodbye to their students for the summer.” (you can click on the photo to see it in a bigger size)

I also put together some journals for 3 of my students who will be moving on to 4th grade, which means they will be too old to work with me next year.  end of school year gifties 001

end of school year gifties 002 I sure will miss the little critters!  Hopefully these journals will inspire them to write, draw and create a bit over the summer.  I found the wonderful images for the journals and tote bag on my friend Karen’s website – The Graphics Fairy.  Every day she scans in several wonderful old images that can then be used for all sorts of projects.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and creative day!

9 comments to Vintage Crinoline Heaven (and a few little gifties!)

  • Sue,
    you can change out your crinolines for the seasons on your garment rack…how cool would that be…they look awfully pretty all piled up on the bed too…another option 🙂
    the gifts you made are gorgeous!!! and so thoughtful and sweet

  • Sue,
    That frothiness is making me giddy with happiness! What are you going to do with all of this joy? Plus you have all the sherbet-colored dresses, too. Such riches!!! I think you will need a new addition to your house!

    I love the things you did for your assistants, friends and students moving on. I miss that part about working in the school…those lovely little teacher gifties and the treats in the lounge…the whole sweet deal!!!

    This was a lovely, juicy post. This blog life just fills me up with joy!

  • Sue, I am drooling over those crinolines! You lucky gal!

    Your gifts for your assistants and others are so thoughtful.


  • FIFTY THREE Crinolines?!!!! Are you kidding me?! You must be in tulle heaven right now!! Lucky girl!
    Love the tote bag, it’s so charming! I’m sure the teacher will be thrilled with it!!


  • Whoops! I meant to say I love the journals too! Sorry I had crinolines on the brain and couldn’t think after that!

  • Have a wonderful time in Germany, Sue. I wish I knew a place to tell you to shop. My brother will be there again Saturday, doing business, but he doesn’t get shopping!!! Don’t forget to send in your swap requests!!!


  • Lisa Bass

    I love the idea for the crinolines being used as curtains, and what gorgeous colors you have! Just discovered you through Karen’s blog, so happy I did!! Have a wonderful day.

  • Oh my goodness!!! That pile of crinolines is heavenly – you are a lucky girl, happening upon that auction. I’ve never found even ONE at any of the flea markets I’ve go to – I think I need to go shopping with YOU!!!

  • Hannah

    You’re amazing!

    Giving those kids journals that you made yourself is simply a beautiful thing to do!

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