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Frothy Fabulousness

I’ve been auctioning again….crinolines 001

The auctioneer decided to sell all these beauties as one lot.crinolines 004

How could I possibly say no?

crinolines 006 crop

I am spending the day washing up this frothy fabulousness.crinolines 011 crop

My daughter is enthusiastically assisting (she has her eye on some of the green ones to wear over jeans!)crinolines 010

We’ve washed and dried about 30 vintage crinolines so far, and I am estimating we have at least that many more to go…crinolines 014 crop

I went out and bought a garment rack to store them on until I decide what to do with them all.  Some we will keep, some we may make into skirts for a local shop…..  For now they are forming the most colorful cloud of froth while waiting for their turn in the wash!

9 comments to Frothy Fabulousness

  • Don’t cha just want to jump in the middle of that beautiful pile? Like pretty colorful little clouds!

  • I am just down right JEALOUS of this!!! Where are these Auctions?? I am going to have to cross state lines! I hope that you are going to sell some of these because I seriously want to get my hands on one (or! What a find!!!

  • Awesome! Can I wrangle an invitation to see them up close?

  • Oh my goodness! What a simply fabulous haul!
    I am so envious, i shall never ever see anything like that in this country!
    Look forward to seeing you frilly creations.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  • oh, MY!!! you are SO lucky…i hope you know that…there is only one place…ONE…where i have found crinolines here…and the shop owner has them marked at around $50 a piece…um…no thanks 🙂 i do go an visit them sometimes…but they are not coming to live with me at that price…LOL…thanks for sharing your wonderful piles of froth…they are truly stunning!!!

  • Sue,
    After your vintage dress haul, I can hardly believe this! Those are just beautiful. I’ll bet your arty daughter is in heaven!!!

    I think Donna and I are in your first two classes!!!! I lost the envelope from Teresa already. Looks like a great group. Won’t we have fun? I can’t wait! We may even be in your third.

    It is chaos here. Thanks for checking in. I am coughing up crud but that is good.Katie took my computer memory card so I must get a new one. She said she told me. Oh, well. No piccies until then.

    It rained during the fair but I did pretty well…but, then, it is my neighborhood!!!


  • Wow!! All that colouful frothiness! soooo beautiful…I share the sentiments of Linda Lilly cottage in Australia…you’ll never see anything like that in THIS country either (NZ)…we just too young – and small! (the country that is!)…haha. Terribly envious of you also and your opportunities to go to auctions like this!! woohoo…what fun!

  • Robin

    Those are to die for!! How could you part with any?

  • I can’t even begin to imagine all finding all of these! And all at once too! xo

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