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Not Just for Little Old Ladies Anymore!!

market cart 015 cropLast weekend Andrea posted about prepping for her trip to Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market,  and featured a wonderful photo of her “little helper”, a market cart with a lovely shabby lining ready to hold all the treasure she might find.  I have had my cart for about 2 years now, and was determined to finally make a lining for it.  With Lucketts General Store Spring Faire  fast approaching (yippee!!)  I dove into my stash of fabrics for some sewing fun.  There were lots to choose from (I have this, um, thing about fabrics – I may have mentioned…..), but I finally settled on white denim for the main lining.  Inspired by the slip-covered furniture for my sitting room, I figured the white denim would be sturdy and easy to wash.  My little cart is meant to be used, after cart 011 crop

My cart is not vintage.  I had one of those once upon a time, and it had a  prime place in my garden, serving me well as a home for morning glories to sprawl up and over. Somehow it got misplaced when we moved, and I still morn the loss. This cart is new, with sturdy rubber tires and a cushioned handle.  It is also collapsible and has a handy little drop down shelf that divides the cart into upper and lower regions – great when one purchases heavier items such as iron stone and does not want them to crush more fragile treasures cart 021

Armed with fabric, scissors, a tape measure and 2 sewing machines (regular and serger) I set to work.  I haven’t seen patterns for liners, but I am sure they exist somewhere.   I just took general measurements – I wanted the liner to be sort of loose fitting to accommodate my purchases.  For a dash of color, I added a ruffle of fabulous pink fabric from Sis Boom and pinned on some vintage millinery cart 023

I know there are more market cart ladies out there – and would love to see pictures of how you all dressed up your carts.  These babies are not just for little old ladies anymore!

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