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Lucketts Bliss

My favorite yearly spring fling –  The Lucketts General Store Spring Faire. Luckets 2010 009 crop

Luckets 2010 058 crop

From the Funky……..Luckets 2010 002

Luckets 2010 003

Luckets 2010 062

To  Fabulous……Luckets 2010 082

Luckets 2010 121 crop

Luckets 2010 093

Luckets 2010 047

To the Just Plain Cool…..Luckets 2010 065 crop

Luckets 2010 078 crop

Luckets 2010 108

Luckets 2010 111

There was something for everyone at this year’s event. I teamed up with my friends Karen (you all know her as The Graphics Fairy!) and Cindy (no blog yet, but I’m working on her) for some serious shopping.  My daughter and one of her friends tagged along and scored a few treasures as well.  The market cart worked like a charm and was the best-dressed one there!

sweet daughter rocking some vintage shades and my market cart!

sweet daughter rocking some vintage shades and my market cart!

It really was a most fabulous day!  What did we get, you ask? Aqua blues, vintage dresses, fab old postcards……I’ll share some photos in my next post.

6 comments to Lucketts Bliss

  • i was just redoing the pics from my trip to lucketts on my blog the other day {long story about the pics} and i saw that you had commented on that post 🙂 i loved being able to see Leesburg and Lucketts store…i wish i could have been there for this event…it looks wonderful!!!

  • What a neat little store. I’m the girl that would love to have those old car bumpers that stick out of the wall. Cool. And a day with friends and your daughter…can’t beat it! Can’t wait to see the dresses and postcards.

  • Wish I had been tagging along, but you did good without me! Any chance you found an extra tea cup? 🙂

  • What a kick, Sue! I can’t wait to see what you got. I am sure it will be incredible…

  • Hey Sue,
    Great photos!! I really enjoyed my day with you and Cindy and the girls. You definitely had the cutest cart there!!

  • jessie

    Oh I WISH WISH WISH I lived in the USofA! We just don’t have those kind of markets…our country isn’t old enough!! haha…not seriously (tho we don’t have the history to have REALLY old stuff)…but you guys have the BEST looking (flea)markets i’ve ever seen!!
    Love your blog Sue…nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂
    nelson nz

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