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A Good Day

I finally got to an auction today, and had the pleasure of sharing the fun with sweet Hope, who had never been to one.  We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day – blue skies, lots of sun.  Folks gathered on the property, a lovely farm with several well-tended outbuildings that had been in the same family for generations.

woodstock auction 016

woodstock auction 014

Being a farm, there were the obligatory  stacks of tools and misc metal items, but some rather interesting pieces as well.  Apparently the family raised thoroughbred horses and this sign used to be out near the road. woodstock auction 012 I was pleased to see family members bid on and win this gem.  It would have made the fellows from American Pickers swoon!

There were plenty of goodies to go around though – here’s a sample of some of the items up for biddingwoodstock auction 008

woodstock auction 013

woodstock auction 001

woodstock auction 009

woodstock auction 019

woodstock auction 018

woodstock auction 017

Sadly, the boxes of old photos went insanely high.  We made up for it though, by picking up tons of wonderful old books- (see above photos!) including 3!!!! Alice in Wonderland!!! , old jewelry boxes, a pile of rhinestone bling, some fabulous old buttons, vintage hankies,  a ton of vintage postcards, and the most wonderful 3 panel mirror (Hope’s very first ever auction purchase – way to go Hope!).  We stayed until the very end of the auction and then headed for home to play with our treasures, tired and rather dusty, but smiling from ear to ear!

Happy May Day Everyone – I hope you had an equally good day!

7 comments to A Good Day

  • I had a good day too! Auctions are pretty fun! Thanks for showing me the ropes!

  • it sounds like you had a great day!!!

  • So glad you and Hope had a great time, and sorry I wasn’t able to drive up there after all. Glad you got the Alice books!

  • MAN……I love an auction!!! I hit the motherload at the last auction that we went to!!! I was winner-winner chicken dinner and made out with so many hidden treasures! You had a beautiful setting for your auction! Makes me a little jeaous…Can’t wait to meet you at Silver Bella!

  • Like THREE!!! Alice books? I am blown away!!!

  • Oooooh…that auction looked so amazing! All the pics you showed are all things I LOVE!!! Glad you got some treasures! I hope Hope shows her mirror on her blog!


  • What a wonderful house! How fun! You got some treasures, love old books, and looking at them so closely when I get them back home.
    I hope the rest of May is good for you.

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