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A Basket Full of Lovely

may flowers 002I just love the month of May.  Spring is in full bloom here in Maryland, and all of my lovely lady friends come calling for their annual visit.  Fatin Latour,  Chloris, Gypsy Boy, Mme Hardy, Francois Juranville, Debutante, Gardenia, Green Mantle, Moiseii and Aviateur Blerot stop by in all their finery for a few weeks.  These antique roses bloom only once, unlike their more modern sisters.  Many provide additional seasons of interest with scented foliage, colorful red canes, and numerous hips in the fall, and all are heavenly scented.  Their mingled perfume fills the air around my garden, mixing with the scent of herbs and the freshly turned earth of the raised beds, ready for planting.

My daughter filled her first basket of the season with the heartbreakingly beautiful blooms.  Each year she dries many flower heads, to use in various art projects and other creative endeavors.  The result of her early morning industry was so pretty, I just had to share them with you!

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