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A Journey From Junk

Junk Girl shop 002Last night I received an email that one of my favorite shops in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland was reopening in a new location.  I couldn’t wait to stop in and check things out.  Kelli, the owner is a really sweetie and so very talented.  You may remember my sitting room redo from this post –  the coffee table as well as both end tables came from her wonderful shop.

Kelli was very busy helping customers, but she kindly allowed me to take some photos of her shop to share with you. Junk Girl shop 003

Junk Girl shop 005 2 crop

Junk Girl shop 056

Junk Girl shop 040

Junk Girl shop 122

Junk Girl shop 032My daughter and I bought a few things (ok, we came out with 3 huge bags full of goodies!).  I never leave her place empty handed.

A Journey from Junk is located at 8247 Main Street in Ellicott City, Maryland, a wonderful historic town full of fabulous shops and several yummy cafes.  Kelli’s shop hours are 11-5 Tuesday through Sunday (starting today!).  She is still working on having the phone line installed, but the number there will be 410-465-8330.  Ellicott City is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Baltimore/D.C. area

6 comments to A Journey From Junk

  • This looks like an incredible store! If you click on the pictures, you can really see the details. I see many things I want. Great material(I have been making fabric flowers and am in this buying fabric phase).

    Sue, all this time, I thought you were in Maine, because of the ME. You are near Baltimore/Washington, huh? How fun…except for the snow this year. Did that hit you?


  • Thanks for giving us a sweet view with these gorgeous photos! I really want to go now! Hope you are having a Happy Spring!!! Many Blessings Gal!

  • Hello! Lovely blog and lovely post. Found you from Kelli’s email. I live in Columbia and was doing some work for her until I got sick and also fell. I see you know a lot of the same bloggers I do. I was also in the Sweet & Sinister swap. I put my blog link above. My Flickr is Gina2424 and my Etsy shop is Lilly*s of London*ish although my user name is hpsgsmith. Glad to know there’s another like-minded soul around.

  • Congratulations on the New Location! Quite a feat in this economy to be able to grow and expand!! I have known Kelli for a long, long time. Her talent and pride shows in everything she does…especially, her new store!! Wishing you Lots and Lots of Success in your new Location!

  • What a dreamy bed!! What a cool store if I lived closer I would be there in a heartbeat.

  • Hi Sue,
    I just saw your link on Robin’s post and thought I would pop over and see how you’re doing! This looks like a fun shop, I think I met Kelli through email, when she was looking for that truck image. It looks so cute on her sign! I hope you’re doing well.


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