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Vintage Chic – Dreams of Paris

While I have been blessed to travel throughout England, Germany, and Austria, I have yet to make it to the wonderful and romantic country of France.  Someday I hope to stroll the streets of Paris, but in the meantime I wanted to share this wonderful vintage dress with you.  (you can click on the pictures to get a bigger view!)soda set dress 006 crop I believe it is from the 1950’s.  This was the period when “teen-age” fashions really began to take on a life of their own.  The wonderful tag says it all…..soda set dress 016

soda set dress 016 crop

And the print – just too adorable for words!  Don’t you just love the Eiffel Towers?soda set dress 013

I happened upon this treasure at one of my favorite auction haunts and was determined to make it mine.   So now the question is – do I leave it as is for a display piece (size= VERY tiny), or do I remake it into a skirt that I can wear?  What do you think?

5 comments to Vintage Chic – Dreams of Paris

  • That is a tough choice! If you have the perfect place to display it, do so. If not, use that fabric!

  • Sweetie,
    I vote for altering it and making it your own! I just finished a book titled: Born Again Vintage by Bridgett Artise and Jen Karetnick and they show wonderful examples of reinventing vintage clothes. I loved it and can’t wait to try it out on some of my old favorites (that I just couldn’t bear to part with). You could display it until you find out exactly what you want to do, then you’d have the best of both! Blessings!

  • If you do decide to alter it, I’m sure you’ll make it even better! I think this layered skirt by Bonzie has a bit of a French flair to go with your fabric: Have fun!

  • Re-make it!! That gorgeous fabric should be good for at least 3 projects or more!
    And don’t forget to save that label!

  • Kris M

    What a find!!! I say use the fabric and save a bit for a display – framed, inspiration board, pinned to your dress form – you probably have many more good ideas. Then, of course, keep us posted on your decisions/creations and take lots of pictures.

    Hope you are staying warm!

    Blessings, Kris

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