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The Gift that keeps on Giving

Is there anything better than an unexpected package in the mail?  Here’s what came today from sweet Heidi.Little BIT swap and surprise gift 011 2Little BIT swap and surprise gift 014 2

I had mailed her some silver and pink bullion, after she had admired some I had brought to Silver Bella to use in Teresa’s McFayden‘s Victorious Medals class (kits are now available on her website here).  Heidi was kind enough to blog about receiving the sparkling goodies here.

In return, Heidi sent me some of the most wonderful treasures, bits and bobs.  I can’t wait to incorporate them into projects.Little BIT swap and surprise gift 017 2

I had not expected anything in return when I sent Heidi the bullion – it was  wonderful just to be able to share the goodies with someone who I knew would appreciate it.  I guess this is one of the most touching things about experiencing Silver Bella this year – the generosity and kindness of the creative souls I met there.  Attending Silver Bella has truly been a gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you SO much Heidi!!  I love each and every bit!

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