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Stretching her Creative Wings

One of the most lovely things about blogging is making connections with like minded souls who “get” you.  Thanks to an amazing bella, my daughter is able to experience some of the wonder and fun that such connections can bring.  She  participated in this swap (her first!) sponsored by Sheila.

Bellas in Training Ornament Swap

Bellas in Training Ornament Swap

It provided the opportunity for daughters of Silver Bella participants to get into the act and experience some bella fun, while perhaps stretching their creative wings a bit. wing 2 Each girl was assigned a swap partner for whom they were to create an ornament.  Partners were matched up by age.

My girl’s partner turned out to be Sheila’s daughter, Janna, who shared that her favorite holiday colors were stark white, red and midnight black.  Here’s a peek at what she will be getting in the mail in a few days.angel closeup 2

Darling daughter shared that she was excited to be able to incorporate drawing, some sewing and even a bit of collage in her creation. Oh, and of course some glitter! (confession time – when I grow up I want to be able to draw like her – she makes it look so easy!!)happy christmas 2 cropThanks to Sheila, Janna and all the other participants of this swap.  What a fun kickoff for the holiday season!

4 comments to Stretching her Creative Wings

  • Hi Sue!
    That’s great the girls get to be in on some of our fun!! She did a great job too! I’m sure Janna will love it!

  • Sue,
    I received your package of bullion and I can’t thank you enough! It was just so sweet. Since I didn’t hear back, I assumed you got busy, as I did and forgot about it! I blogged about it this morning anyway. You are too kind!

    We did the BIT swap as well! Your daughters ornament is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in its entirety!

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  • Hey chickadee! I love that she got to take part in a swap how cute! the ornament is beautiful!! bighugs


  • Suz Reaney

    What a great idea! Next year I hope I can bring my daughter to Silver Bella…she’s thirty…lol!

    Hugs and Happy Christmas to you!

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