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Silver Bella 09 067It’s hard to put into words the experience of Silver Bella.  Imagine being surrounded by the most inspiring and creative women, all of whom “get” you.  Boxes spilling over with lace and bauble treasures, eagerly shared.  Incredible teachers.   Roomfuls of positive energy.  Never have 5 days gone by so quickly.

Elvis sighting at 2nd Chance Antiques

Elvis sighting at 2nd Chance Antiques

swaps ready for swap madness Thursday night

swaps ready for swap madness Thursday night

hanging with my big bella sis, Carol at the vendor faire

hanging with my bella big sis, Carol at the vendor faire

Carol's beautiful booth - Raised in Cotton

Carol's beautiful booth - Raised in Cotton

Silver Bella 09 049

hodge podge journal class with my hero, Rebecca Sower

charm bracelet class with Kaari Meng from French General

charm bracelet class with Kaari Meng from French General

Silver Bella 09 063

so happy with all my projects!

To all the amazing ladies I came to know while at Silver Bella 2009, thank you so much for sharing your love of life and creative spirit.  You have  touched my heart.

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  • Suz Reaney

    What a thrill to be right in the class when you made that shadowbox. I remember watching you “squish” that beautiful blue and lace material down into your shadowbox. It is so beautiful!

    Thank you again for giving me a charm. I was so thrilled that someone would be so generous! It was a wonderful start to the week.

    I have you on my list and I will keep in touch on your blog.

    Hugs to you!

  • Leanne Shawler

    Sis! It was so great to meet you! Your cigar box assemblage looks adorable! Thank you also for the sweet little charm and for hanging out with tired ol’ me before the last class.

  • Good Morning my Sweet Sue E!!!!
    It’s after 7am this morning…and I’m human now. I cannot function at 5am as you already know! haha
    I wanted to tell you how much I loved your company this weekend and how excited I was to finally meet you!!!!
    THANK YOU for the beautiful enameled charm…you are so talented (& I’m giving credit to your hubby too for being such a great teacher). I’m so fortunate to have met you and I’m glad I was sitting in the right place at the right time near the hotel bar to have found you that night!!!!
    I have some great photos of you. As I post them, you are welcome to “steal” the ones you like!!!!
    Love ya girl~
    everything vintage

  • Hey chickadee! Jodie directed me here! I am so glad she did I love your blog! You found some goodies at Silver Bella! I want to go so bad my goal is now to go to Silver Bella so I can meet yall! big hgus


  • I am so glad to have met you. I am attaching my charm to a special piece of vintage jewelry and will post about it when I get all reorganized. (Dreaming right?) I wish we had another week to spend in Omaha! Take care, Hugs, Pam

  • sue,
    sooooo happy we finally met and were lucky to have classes together!! (thank you for my crystal bead and shoe button on my bracelet….i will cherish the bracelet forever!!!) i’m glad that our daughters are going to continue the creating in the bella daughter swap!! time just flew by too quickly!! i have photos to post, so check back soon, take care,

  • Sue ~
    It was a blessing to meet you at SB! I have finally came back to earth and the fact that I can’t create all the time (but I sure do wish I could, it’s just that going to work gets in the way). Thank you so much for the charm and to think that you made it just for me ~ how I will treasure it and treasure knowing you!

  • Sue!!! What a wonderful experience Silver Bella must have been!! One day I really must go ~ such gorgeous projects were offered….thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your precious comment ~ your blog is beautiful!!! hugs and love, Dawn

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