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Enameling 101 Revisited

enameling 101 revisited 003During my last enameling lesson, I had expressed an interest in creating some charms to give as gifts at my upcoming Silver Bella adventure.  So, for lesson 3 of enameling  my very patient hubby surprised me with a selection of  copper charm shapes (round, oval, teardrop) to use.  I used a translucent enamel on the backs – with mixed results.  Some came out a bit less than translucent, I think – but they still look cool.  I did stamp the backs “Bella 2009”, although it is hard to tell on some of them due to how the enamel I used on the edges spread during the baking process.  Filing the edges a bit gave them a rather neat distressed look that I was happy with.  I stuck with a white enamel for the front, as a background for my  pink and robins’ egg blue  crowns.enameling 101 revisited 007 crop

I was finally  able to make crown stencils out of card stock that stood up to the demands of enameling, which made the stenciling process during lesson number 4 go relatively smoothly.enameling 101 revisited 003 crop

I attached jump rings and ribbons or lace bits, and now just have to package them up to bring with to Silver Bella.  Thanks to my hubby for

1.  suggesting I try enameling;

2. having the patience to teach me the basics;  and

3.  getting me a selection of charms to use and not complaining (too much) when he saw how many I decided to make.

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