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Mine, All Mine!!

With the rush of heading back to work and preparing for this year’s students,  there hasn’t been a lot of time to play in the studio or shop for treasures.  I did sneak in a road trip or two before heading back to the real world, however, including a fun day at Lucketts and Leesburg, VA with Pamela and Karen.  In addition to a wonderful lunch at Shoe’s Cup and Cork Club in Leesburg, we checked in at the Emporium and I fell in love with the most beautiful tin at Sue‘s booth – Vintage Rescue.  For some reason, I didn’t buy it (do I really need an old tin, even though the color was perfect, and the labeling was well……perfect!!).  None the less I walked away – and preceded to be haunted by that lovely tin for the remainder of the week.  So, a few days later I headed right back down to Leesburg.  The tin was still there and now it is mine, all mine!!marshmallow tin 002 2

I mean, really, “Softwhite Marshmallows” for goodness sakes!!! In a Robin’s Egg blue!!!  I was lucky enough to meet Vintage  Rescue Sue herself that day, as she was “foofing” her booth with even more pretties.

One more thing….. Ekster in Leesburg is having a big sale now to clear out their barn and prep for tons of new goodies purchased during their trip overseas this summer.  They are only open Fri-Sun right now, but if you are anywhere within driving distance to Leesburg – it is Totally worth checking out.  I stopped in to chat with Caroline after scoring my tin, and as always did not walk away empty handed (I love the big old ironstone bowls she gets from Belgium!!)

6 comments to Mine, All Mine!!

  • Cindy M.

    The tin is gorgeous! What a find! I had to laugh when I read that you passed it up the first time and had to return later that week to buy it. I don’t know how many times I’ve done the same thing.

  • Oh how I love your find!!! I love that color of blue too and it is so hard to past up anything that color…. and to think it housed marshmellows ~ how divine is that??
    I love my visits to your blog and am always so happy to see your visits to mine! Happy Saturday!!!

    Ps. I am applauding your giving heart as I read how you are using it to help others on the right side of your blog!

  • sue

    Glad it went to a good home. I scooped that one up in a heartbeat!!!!

  • You were SO lucky that it was still there! I’ve learned to just buy what I love the first time to save myself the misery of worrying if it’s still there and saving myself of another trip because when I go back, I always find MORE stuff! You did good girl!

  • Just returned from AZ to find you made your return trip to Leesburg because I LET YOU DOWN AS AN ENABLER! Shame on me, after you were so good on my behalf!

  • Sue’s booth is always one of my favorite parts of Leesburg!

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