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Girls’ Day In

With the start of school looming ever closer, my daughter and I decided to have a “Girls’ Day In” and spend some time working together on sewing projects in my studio. The Goddess in Training has been doing some sort of needlework since she could sit up and hold a needle and had recently been longing for some sewing machine time.  She decided to try a project from this book .girls day in 002 2

She thought this halter sounded cute, and might look fun over a tank top or t-shirt.girls day in 007 2

Of course, she wanted green fabric (her favorite color!), so we went on a search in the studio closet and came up a nice leafy green cotton.  Here’s  she is modeling the finished product! Instead of ties from the fabric, she opted for pretty ribbon.  Nice touch!girls day in 021 2 crop

girls day in 022 2 crop

I decided that I would like something  interesting for going back to work, and figured a funky new purse was just the thing.  I had been playing around with  ideas of what I could do with some vintage tapestries discovered at flea markets and got to work.  No pattern – just a picture in my head to work from, and a stash of vintage fabrics to add to the tapestry piece.  I didn’t have a zipper on hand in the color I needed, so I decided that a simple tie closure would do just fine. girls day in 015 2 crop 2 I lined the bag in a vintage cotton print, and  used some vintage wool flannel in between the lining and the outside to add a bit of structure and to make the bag a bit sturdier.  The green damask (back, bottom, sides & handles) is from a pair of vintage drapes (there’s still tons left!), the interior pocket from pink damask drapes of the same era.

bag lining and interior pocket

bag lining and interior pocket

I think the colors of this bag are just right for fall, and can’t wait to use it (‘course the weather needs to cool down a bit first!!).  It will be a bit of my studio traveling to and from work with me each day, not to mention a reminder of a precious day spent with my girl!

Reflections…..Working without a pattern is always an adventure, but this design was pretty straight forward.  The bag turned out a bit larger than anticipated.  I was working around the figures on the tapestry, which determined the size and shape for this piece.  It stills seems a bit plain to me, so I may go through my trims and see if I can find anything to liven the bag up a bit.  I look forward to experimenting a bit more (I have several other tapestry pieces to play with!) and seeing what I can come up with.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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